Hednesford Town FC To Increase Car Park Capacity 

Hednesford Football Club is home to one impressive stadium, considering the league the club is in. Loyal fans will remember the times from when Hednesford FC was in the Conference League, sadly, the club is now battling it out two notches below in the Northern Premier League Premier Division.

Once upon a time, when Hednesford was in impressive form, the attraction was there, and thus, the car parking issue was clear to see – cars would park on to the neighbouring housing estates and roads. Since, the success has simmered, which means parking is no longer an issue.

That probably brings you to ask:  Why is Hednesford FC increasing car parking capacity?

The answer is quite simple; a new housing development is planned next to the club; in the region of 100 homes are expected to be erected. Thus, the club is extending car-parking facilities to help avoid the new housing estate become little more than one itself; a carpark.

What’s more, imagine if Hednesford FC achieves success and move up the ladder of divisions. That’s when over 6,000 people could be attempting to visit on matchday.

As a final note, it isn’t all bad, since there will be a small natural area surrounding the area, of which will be accessed by the car park.

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