Pot Holes Cripple Cars, But Locals Shouldn’t Blame Cannock Council

... Your District Council Is Responsible

Let’s be real, mini golf and British roads could soon merge to become a sport. Jokes aside, Cannock is currently home to some nasty, ugly and devilish road indents. These very indentations have the ability to deem your car unroadworthy. Before you vent your anger at Cannock politicians, you should be aware that our roads are generally controlled by Staffordshire County Council. Thus, vent your anger here.

Potholes are like acne, they are annoying to a surface, and in this case, they negatively affect roads. Sadly, we’ve hit some negative weather, and potholes love to expand when freezing conditions are present – hence the problem faced across the country. Let’s all rush to blame The Beast from The East episode 1, 2 and some are talking about 3.

At the estimated cost of £30-50 per repair of a pothole, I can’t help feel that strap-cashed District Councils have some explaining to do.  Holding motorists is as a hostage is no smart move, either, yet for £5,000 you could repair an entire route (100 potholes). Sadly, I do believe that District councils are conveniently not fixing roads because road users will have an uproar, which will force the government to release more funds.

Some of our roads are in desperate need of attention. Staffordshire Council, we understand, budgets are tight. With that said, using this basic formula, if there are 200 potholes in Cannock, this is fixable by just £10,000. Yes, it is a temporary fix, but still, you won’t have motorists going through a terrible process.

Our political representatives of Cannock need to vent fury and help to generate change, along with the other local councils falling within the Staffordshire county.

If a car is out of action, then this could have deep economic consequences. Whilst local garage firms may strive (repairing cars), it could the be the district council footing the bill. The individual or persons involved might need to seek other travel methods to get to work, for example.

Sadly, I’ve had first-hand experience with potholes, and I’ve been out taking photos of them. It has become a joke, and I believe all Cannock residents, politicians and alike should rally together to generate change at the District level.

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