Reasons Why You Should Greet The Mill Green Outlet Village With Skeptical Positivity

What have we got to lose?

So, residents of Cannock, many of us complain about Cannock Town centre, but the same might be said about the incoming Mill Green Outlet Village – the grumbles are alive. Let’s just say, you can’t please everyone. One area that I believe the majority of Cannocksters (did I just create a new slang word?) can agree on is that Cannock Chase really does live up to its honoured label of ‘outstanding beauty’. With that said, Cannock Town doesn’t triumph or excite quite to the same point, in fact, many would argue that it is a deterrent. Let’s now explore as to why The Mill Green Outlet Village could be one exciting aspect to the future of Cannock.

Of course, greeting an incoming development should always be questioned. However, Cannock town does live up to the grocery shopping term: past its sell-by date. With that said, it does not mean that the answer is The Mill Green Outlet Village. On the other hand, it could be.

Cannock is a victim, just like other towns, to modern society. Digital content has taken away many of the video game, CD and book stores. We’ve all done ‘digital’, and at a cost. Gradually, as technology progresses, we can expect other aspects of our physical shopping live to dissolve. Toys R Us has just gone into administration, affecting many stores across the world. I’m sure you’ll remember the distinctive blue franchised building in Cannock, of which was Blockbuster video. You get my point; these stores once kept a town alive.

Sadly, a modern-day town consists of gambling stores, pubs, clubs cafés, and a ghostly number of empty stores. Hardly an advert shouting “Visit Me”.

So, what’s different about this designer village? Well, it’s designer. It’s not your typical shopping complex. It’s not another Orbital Retail Park, for example. The complex will swerve away from defining ordinary and is expected to deliver an interesting approach to modern commerce.

Where the new Retail Village will be developed.

Cannock is an EXTREMELY well-positioned town. It’s sandwiched between Birmingham (the second largest city in the UK), and an area of outstanding beauty (Cannock Chase). That’s not to suggest we should sell away land at all costs.

You can visit the offical website of the Village, here.


  • Unemployment in Cannock is an issue, this village will be an invitation for more jobs. No one can argue this as a positive.
  • The local economy will receive more tax revenue to spend on projects and infrastructure.
  • The land could have been used for worse purposes, hence the local landfill.


  • Traffic is likely to be an issue due to a stronger demand from outer areas, I believe this to be the largest concern for locals. Granted, the local roads aren’t prepared for mass visits, though, Cannock Train Station is sure to play a role, since it is just a stroll away. With a new dual carriage seemingly well-prepared on a section of near-by road, this wouldn’t appear to be enough. Thus, the council needs to unleash plans for better infrastructure for the whole of Cannock and surrounding areas.

What are your thoughts on this matter? Be sure to leave them in the comment section below.

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